Prior to an animal's stay we require a profile interview. It will take you about 30-45 minutes and we ask that you bring your animals, vaccination records, any necessary medical records (if currently under veterinarians care). *We recommend you notify your vet that your animal is staying with us so if a situation arises where medical attention is needed we will be able to access the animal's records.

You will be asked a lot of questions about the animals daily routines, living quarters and family. We are not trying to pry but it gives us vital information to help your animal settle in quickly and happily. All interviews are by appointment only. Please call in advance. Daylight is always nicer as you get a better view and feel for how your animal will settle in if you can see the place. When Mom's and Dad's are concerned whether their furry friend will fit in or not we advise a trial stay of a day care day. At the end of the stay we will let you know exactly how your animal did.

We try not to pry but we are trying to get a clear picture of what your animals days are like so we know what to expect when boarding.

Exercise is one of the most important benefits here so we also need to learn your animals health restrictions. We reserve the right to deny any animal. Our main reasons for denial are extreme health requirements, aggression issues, and destructive behavior.

The main reasons we deny boarding are:

Most of these issues or concerns will be addressed at the profile!