May 25, 2017

Dear Clients,

The busy season is upon us so call as soon as possible should you need reservations for the summer!

We have lost so many of our furry friends this year; it really has been a bit devastating. Our hearts go out to everybody who has lost their companions - no matter what the situation, it is always heart wrenching. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and let it be known that Penelope (the reason for Auntie Barbara’s) is greeting all of them at the gate.

I have to take a moment for another sad but happy occasion. Dr. Daniel King, our holistic pet vet, is moving on to a new and exciting adventure. He will be relocating to the Hawaiian Islands to work with the USDA. We wish him and his family great joy!

Have a wonderful summer!

Auntie Barbara


August 24, 2016

Hi Gang,

Hope this letter finds all our furry friends healthy & happy. It has been a long hot summer (Nipsco loves us). We just want to let you know that beginning September 1st, 2016 we will be going back to 5pm closing time. We still open at 7am and still offer 7 day a week pick up and drop off.

We have had a few staffing changes so you will be seeing some new faces. We want to thank Monica for filling in for the summer, she is the sister of Rebecca who also worked for us many years ago. She will be missed but has big plans working with people not puppies! Haley is doing a great job of keeping the Facebook page up to date for us and we hope you are enjoying it. Andi has also moved on becoming a veterinary technician and we wish her the best!

Coming up in December we will be celebrating our 20th year, can’t believe the years have passed so fast!

Have a wonderful Fall!

Auntie Barbara, Fiona Louise, Haley, Courtney, LeeAnn, Amanda and Penelope (in spirit)


April 5, 2015

Happy Spring to Everyone!

Another chance to say Hello and let you know what  will be coming your way!  We are already mowing and ready for everything to come into bloom!  At the beginning of this spring we cut a 1/4 mile trail through the woods around the back of the property.  We are still cleaning it up and getting it ready but soon we will be offering an additional service of trail walks for your dogs.  Everything will run the same as always and your dogs will get out to play from 8 - 16 times per day depending on weather.  If you would like an additional leash walk during the day we will be offering this service for a charge of $5.00 per walk!  We apologize we have to charge for these but additional staff is required.  Your pup does need to be on flea/tick protection.  We will keep you posted as to when we are ready and please remember everything else stays the same this is just something extra if you like!

We hope you have a great spring, take time to sniff the flowers!

Auntie Barbara


December, 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone,

All the puppies are sleeping “IN THEIR OWN HOMES” as I am on vacation! Once a year I close the doors, take a deep breath and just power down. 360 days since our last time without doggies. Lots to do, cleaning, repairs and of course decorating. We are closed until December 17 and I am sorry for any inconvenience but it is truly the only way I can relax is not to have any doggies to worry about except my own.

This year had it’s challenges, 2016 will be our 19th year in business and I just can’t believe it. It could not have been done without all your help, referrals and understanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please have a wonderful holiday I know I will and have a great 2016!

Auntie Barbara, Haley, Andi, Courtney, Fiona Louise and Penelope (watching over)

July 14, 2015

Hello Friends,

Wow what a wet summer we have had and you have to know dogs love puddles!  We hope this letter finds everyone well!  I thank everyone for their continued support of Auntie Barbara’s.  I know sometimes it can be a bit frustrating this time of year trying to book with us for your vacation but anytime the kids are out of school we just go nuts.  I really wish I could accommodate everybody but in order to grow much larger we would have to change our services and I am not willing to do that.  I have to live by the rule what would Fiona (my dog) expect, and give it to all my clients.

We have had tremendous success having Dr. King here once a month.  It is enlightening and rewarding.  Doc is here the second Friday of every month by appointment.  It is a different approach to animal wellness that can really enhance your animals life.  He is a regular veterinarian who promotes health, happiness and healing through chiropractic care, acupuncture, applied kinesiology and Chinese herbals.

In closing I need to squash a rumor that is circulating right now.  I am not closing anytime soon that I know of.  I am trying to plan for my future.  I am not a spring chicken anymore and must think of the future.  I have purposely kept my business intimate as I wanted to give you the best care that I know you expect.  However the physical toll it takes on all of us to keep up business, property and home has me trying to plan for the future.  When I do decide to make a change you will hear it from me and then you will know that it is what is to be!  Once again I thank you for all your support and look forward to seeing your furry friends!


Auntie Barbara, Fiona Louise and the Staff!

Jan 18th, 2015

Dear Friends,


Another year has passed and it was a busy one. I once again thank you for all your support and referrals. 2015 started off with a bang with my little Fiona having to have ACL surgery, she is healing nicely and I thank everyone for your concern and prayers.

This year we will strive again to take the best care of your furry friends that we can. Last year we added a new whole property generator system and a new tractor which will help Auntie Barbara’s sanity this year. Our pricing will be staying the same the only big changes this year that we intend to enforce are; Payment at the time of drop off (cash or check), you will be charged for the dates you booked and confirmed even if you pick up early and finally this year I have to have everyone follow the cancellation policy ( 1 week prior - 25% charge and within 48 hours you are responsible for the whole stay). We appreciate your understanding. We are not a large facility and we need to stay full and on track to keep prices from rising.

In closing this is year 18 and we could not have done it without you, as I say every year I am going to try and take a bit more time for myself so I do not burn out. Please feel free to talk to the girls about your reservations and concerns. I am always close at hand but need to start taking care of myself so I will be here for your furry friends for years to come.

Thanks Auntie Barbara & Ms. Fiona Louse

Aug 20th, 2014

I have been a bit neglectful of the website this year. Started off with hard crazy winter, then busy spring with things breaking around here and then lastly a lot of storm damage from July. We are finally getting caught up so thought it was time to get busy with the updates.

We have had a great time having Dr. Daniel King here, so fascinating, helpful and keeps Auntie Barbara on her toes. He visits the second Friday of every month so if you are ready to try a different approach to your animals health give us a call for an appointment.

Due to all the storm issues this year and the crazy weather conditions we made an expensive decision this year. I put in a whole property generator system. We always had portables prior so the dogs were fine but it was extremely hard on me. This system is giving me so much piece of mind and I hope it will do the same for my clients. I would like to take a minute to say a big thank you to Carlson Electric, Heritage FS and Watson Home Construction for the installation and patience with Auntie Barbara.

Auntie Barbara will be taking her vacation and closing down from Monday, December 1 - Tuesday, December 16, 2014. There is a chance I may open the weekend prior but right now have not made that decision. In December this will begin my 18th year of business so I really need a vacation!

In closing my dear friend of 50 years was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been trying to help as much as I can so sometimes I have not been available. I appreciate your understanding and ask everyone to spread a little positive energy her way, love ya Tammy!

Jan 25th, 2014

We hope this letter finds everyone well. It has definitely been an interesting year here at Auntie Barbara's. Lots of construction, painting, new fencing and many new clients. Can you believe we are going into our 18th year! Not sure what we have coming up this year but looking forward to seeing all our friends back again.

One addition from this last year has been our visits from Dr. King. He visits us the second Friday of every month and we have seen some remarkable results. It has also brought a new and interesting perspective to Auntie Barbara who might be getting a little older and crusty around the edges. He has helped dogs with horrible allergies, behavioral problems, skeletal issues and so much more. I cannot stress enough that even if your animal is showing no symptoms , mild ones or is severely chronic preventive guidance, support and nutritional assistance can assure your animal a longer & healthier lifestyle.

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to take some occasional days off this year. Last year I went 358 days without a break and it took its toll on me. This year if you call and I am not available please feel free to talk to the staff they will relay messages and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In closing we once again thank you for your support in 2013, we all hope that 2014 will continue with prosperity and good health for all furry and human!

Barbara & Fiona Louise

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Hot Summer,

It is hot outside and we are on fire here. I am so excited to announce that we have added additional services to our facility. For years I have been preaching to many of you about the benefits of alternative treatments. We are now offering services the second Friday of every month by appointment. Many of you have noticed changes in your furry friends and don’t seem to be getting any help with conventional medicine or want to supplement their care. So many of you are relying on prescription medicines & diets. There are so many benefits to the therapies listed below, take some time, do your research and give your pets the best life possible! Our next visit from Dr. King will be Friday, August 9, 2013. Appointments last about 30-40 minutes and will give you a great evaluation of your dogs overall wellness. For appointment call 219-696-5654 and talk to Barbara. You will want to bring information about your pets diet, any recent testing and jot down any issues so that all your questions can be addressed!

We still have not found a groomer for our facility and I apologize but I guess I am just too picky. It has been a good year so far and we hope that will continue, the only downside is that sometimes you find us booked up when you want to travel. I apologize for any inconveniences and hope that you will continue to use us in the future just try and give us a little more notice.

In closing it looks like I will be closing for vacation December 2, 2013 to December 13, 2013. Since this will be a short vacation this year I will probably also take a week in January but will keep you posted!

Thanks for your support this year, stay cool and check out Dr. Daniel King we are so excited to help all your furry friends!


Dr. Daniel King, DVM, CVA, OVCH

Applied Kinesiology is used in conjunction with chiropractic to treat neuromuscular issues affecting your pets whole nervous system. A/K along with chiropractic restores and rebalances the nerve flow in the muscles and has a positive impact on your pets proper skeletal realignment.

Animal Chiropractic is just how it sounds. Many people have been to or heard of chiropractic care for people. Dr. King is a veterinarian certified by the AVCA in animal chiropractic. He has been using chiropractics in his profession since 1999 and took certification test in 2003. In that time he has been amazed at the results. Pets can’t lie, they provide the proof by their owners happy reports that “Doc they are feeling so much better, they are acting like them-selves again!”

Acupuncture is the use of thin, tiny needles placed in specific (acupoints) which are located on your body, as well as your pet's. By placement of these needles in the proper acupoint the energy flow, that occurs naturally, is enhanced to achieve the desired effect. The Immune system is an amazing system and responds to the restored balance of the energy flow, again it shows in your pet's behavior. Acupuncture response times may be immediate or may take a few treatments.

Chinese Herbs have been around for over 2000 years. He received his Veterinary Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalist certification from the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida. In his many years as a veterinarian, he has found that more and more of his clients were looking for more natural remedies. Herbals work slowly and gently on many common problems pets face without the use of pharmaceuticals. He still use smany western pharmaceuticals and loves being able to use the diverse knowledge he has learned to help the health and happiness of the many pets he sees.

March 25th, 2012

Happy Springtime Everyone,

I know it isn't really here yet but we are optimistic! Dogs don't care, most love the latest bit of snow we got. I hope this letter finds everyone well. We have lost quite a few more of our friends recently but I don't worry as I know they are all playing in doggie wonderland with my sweetie Penelope.

We made some changes last year and this year we are trying to get everyone on the same page with changes. We remind everyone that our prices went up $3.00 a day last February. Single dog is $38.00 a day, multiples only go up for the first dog! We are also asking everyone to pay in full when you drop off instead of when you pick up. Remember cash or check only please!

Our staff is the same currently, smaller than normal so soon we will be looking for some help again. All part time. We still have Haley who wil be attending Purdue Calumet this year. Andi is finishing up HIgh School and will graduate this year. Courtney is our newest, lives in Lowell and just gets the biggest kick out of all the characters we get here.

We have made some outdoor changes this year and will be making more. New fencing in our large yard 5 feet high! We will be adding walking trails and hopefully another play area out in my back area. We hope that with all these changes we can keep everybody happy and feeling at home. Some of our friends prefer to take nice long walks on leash, some prefer to play with others and then there are the kids who just want to meandor at their own pace. By adding some additional areas we can keep everybody smiling, exercised and tired!

This is year sixteen for Auntie Barbara and some days my body really feels it but we still love what we do and will look forward to many more years providing wonderful care for your furry friends.

Many Thanks,

Barbara, Haley, Andi, Courtney and Fiona Louise (with Penelope smiling down on us all)

October 21st, 2012

NWI Times Small Business Spotlight!

Aug 13, 2012

Dear Furry Friends,

What a hot and intense summer it has been. I want to thank everyone for their support this summer business has been good. We have had a few maintenance issues around here so we apologize for the mess, luckily it has not bothered any of our furry visitors. I also want to take a minute to thank everyone who has taken the time to write their comments about our services, you can see them all displayed on the website. My clients are always my best advertisement. In February this year we did an open house and it was lots of fun. Woofs Studios came for pet portraits in June and we got some great shots. Including one of my little trouble monster Fiona. Just this last month I took a class with a wonderful animal communicator by the name of Mary Marshall. Hopefully this will keep me aware and fresh for the needs of your friends. If you would like to get a reading yourself you can contact Mary at or if you would like to learn more she has some great books available on Amazon. Also for those of you interested in chiropractics, acupuncture & herbal pet therapies Fiona found herself a new great doctor by the name of Dean Jersild, DVM at Rivendell Veterinary and Chiropractic. She is in Winfield, Illinois, for more information give us a call. Our staff has changed around a bit lost a few off to college but due to there fantastic work they did I actually got back up to Canada briefly to see my sister. Thanks gang!

We are still struggling to find a groomer, so for a while yet we are not offering any services!

This has been a really long summer looking forward to the cooler weather and hoping for your continued support. Have a great Fall!


Auntie Barbara, Fiona Louise, Haley, Courntey, Andy and soon to be some new ones!

Feb 1, 2012

Auntie Barbara's will be hosting an Open House for Pet Industry Professionals and Clients on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 from 4-8 pm. Join us for food & beverages and a chance to tour our facility.

Jan 31, 2012

Happy Winter,

Hope this letter finds all of our furry friends well and warm. This winter so far has been great except for the mud, sometimes the snow is easier for Auntie Barbara.

We are making some changes this year so don't be afraid to give us a call if you don't understand or have questions.

This year our prices will be going up to $38.00 per dog per day. Multiple rates after first dog are $30.00 per day if they are sharing the same room. We are asking everyone to pay when they drop off. Cash or check only please. Any additional charges are to be paid when you pick up your dog (baths, grooming, medical expenses, additional food,etc.). Make sure when you book your dates that you are accurate as you will be charged for dates booked. If you are booking for holidays and spring breaks you will be required to send a deposit of 25% to hold reservation. Cancellations for refunds of deposits must be done two weeks in advance. Regular cancellation policy is still in effect for regular stay.

We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Spring is coming!

Auntie Barbara, Fiona & the Staff

August 5, 2011

Happy Hot Summer Everyone,

Wow this year has just been a scorcher for us. NIPSCO thinks Auntie Barbara is wonderful as our doggies just don't like to be warm. Business has been good with all of you traveling for the summer vacation and we appreciate your business. We are pretty much going with the flow around here. With the help of some of my clients we took down the old pump house on my property as it was giving up. Many thanks to the Harding Family for heavy equipment, the Lovely's for running the equipment and Austin for helping with the labor. Now if I could figure out what to do with the space we created Ms. Fiona would stop digging holes in it.

On June 18 we did our first Woof Studios photo shoot and it just went great. Little warm outside but the pictures were just terrific. I have posted Fiona's after framing. Anybody who got their photo's done and would like to share them please send them through the website.

We want to wish Stephanie good luck as she is off to veterinary school at Purdue. Emily will be staying with us for a while and we hope that all of you will send her your prayers as her brother Auggie was just killed in Afghanistan this past week. We are adding two new girls who are once again part of the ICE (working program) at Lowell High School. Welcome Haley & Courtney!

I will be closing for vacation on Monday, November 28, 2011 and do not plan on returning until Thursday, December 16, 2011 if it changes I will keep you updated. We will be open for both Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

Once again thanks for all your support and I don't know about you but I am looking forward to fall and some cooler weather.

Auntie Barbara, Fiona and the Gang

April 12, 2011

Happy Spring Everyone!

I know that all of our furry friends are enjoying the spring weather and I am sure yours are too! We have some exciting news for everyone. We added the loft to our barn and it gives a bit more space to accommodate our guests. We used it over spring break and all went well. It gives us a few more options especially for those of you with little dogs. Over the break we had a family of 7 Japanese Chins who took over the loft and just had a grand time.

I want to take a minute to thank Tilton Construction for their fantastic work once again! They did all the original work on Auntie Barbara's and really help keep us running. Thanks Steve, Brad & Jim keep up the good work and thanks again!

One of the best parts about the addition is that I even got a closet out of the deal. Sorry I know that sounds girly but a girl has to have closets!

June 18 we will be hosting Woof Studios for pet portraits! If you have never used them grab your leashes and join us. They bring the studio with them, can give you any kind of background you want due to a green screen and can edit out all those oops like my arm in the way with Fiona. You can even plan ahead for those Christmas photo's. They are reasonably priced and so good with the dogs. We will be running by appointment so call for reservations. PS. they do other animals too!

In closing it is once again time to say thank you for your support. Business seems to be picking up and we appreciate your referrals. Lots of new places have jumped on the band wagon so your continued support means the world to us. For those of you who have never visited we encourage you to give us a try. Our mission statement is fresh air, exercise and fun!

Happy Traveling!

Auntie Barbara, Fiona and the Staff!

January 20, 2011

Happy Woofs & Cheers to all our Friends,

Hope this new year is shaping up well for everyone. Fiona and I are working a bit on training and trying to keep up with the weather. We are hoping that this year will be better for everyone. So far around here bookings are up from this time last year so we hope everybody keeps traveling. We thank you again for all your support and look forward to seeing you this year!

Everything is staying pretty much the same this year, eventually we will have to raise prices but just didn't want to do it this year. One thing I will be sticking to this year is new policy of some additional charges for our special needs guests. Don't worry everything will be discussed up front. We would also like to remind everybody to please be on time or give us a call, the driveway gets a bit crowded at times and the dogs just want to go out and play!

In the last few years I have been a bit unclear on pick up times. If you set a pick up time before 9am you will not be charged for the day. After 9am you will be charged for a daycare day. The reason I do this is to give me the availability to flip the room for the next guest.

Please keep an eye on the website I am going to be trying some new stuff and check to see if your dog is pet of the month! We are also going back to offering some free stays for the photo contests. Next chance at a free weekend stay will be our Spring Fling 2011, send us your pup enjoying the flowers, easter bunny, whatever. Mail them or email them to and your lucky pup could be a winner! Deadline is May 31st, 2011.

Have a great 2011!

Auntie Barbara, Fiona and the Staff!

September 16, 2010

dear friends

Wow what a long hot summer, hard on Auntie Barbara, the dogs and the Nipsco bills. Hope this letter finds you all well. Not sure what the economy is doing yet but I sure do appreciate your support this summer. We have met a lot of new clients, watched some of our favorite friends age and this year we have had a lot of losses. For all of you who have lost a pet no words can describe the pain. Everytime I worry about Penelope I know my parents are up in heaven running a doggie playground with all the furry friends that have passed and it makes me feel better. Little did my parents know that their after life would have gone to the dogs.

We wanted to let everybody know that I will be closing as always for some time in December. This year the dates will be Monday, November 29, 2010 to Thursday, December 16, 2010 tentatively. If business is slow in January and February there maybe some closings as well but for now nothing is scheduled.

Fiona is doing well, growing up a bit and has definitely brightened up my life a bit. She and I went to Canada for a brief visit to see my sister and she thought she had died and gone to heaven.

We have two new employee's Emily & Stephanie who are part of the ICE working program at Lowell High School and we are happy to have them with us.

Jen is still grooming for us so if your pup needs a new look give us a call.

In closing I would like to send a shout out to Shelley a Hungry Hound, she loaned me a no bite collar after Fiona got spayed and what a godsend. She has a wonderful collection of bling, great foods, treats and now "No Bite" collars. Check them out at and thanks again Shelley for the help.

Looking forward to fall, keep traveling.

Auntie Barbara, Fiona, the Staff and Penelope from up above!


In addition I need to let everyone know that our daily price will be staying at $35.00 again this year coming up 2011. As of January 1, 2011 I will be adding a special services fee for any dogs who have special needs.

After 13 years I finally discovered this year that occasionally Auntie Barbara needs to get away from here. Previously I only would leave if I closed the business. I trust my staff throughly so if I need to leave for any reason I am not going to hesitate from now on. I know that many of you prefer that I be on hand at all times, please know that even if I have to get away for a day or two the staff can always contact me. The only problem with me getting away is that sometimes I have dogs with health issues, aggression problems or fear issues. If your dog requires my attention personally then there will be a special needs fee. You will be informed up front so there will be no surprises. Simple medications and pills do not apply to this policy as the staff can handle it unless the animal is not cooperating.

I hope you understand that I love what I do and wish to continue into the future. In order to accomplish this Auntie Barbara has to have a bit of a life.

I am getting a bit more tech savy with the help of Mindpack Studios Inc., so check back the website periodically!